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It seems like there’s a crazy amount of AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality) stuff happening right now. I recently posted about my experience with VR and storytelling at Sundance. But there’s a lot of other technology out there — and over the past week or so my browser has, apparently, been overflowing with tabs of… Read More

Ford's Dynamic Social Shuttle

Smart Mobility

The future of the automotive industry has been getting a lot of press lately. It’s starting to sound as if  self-driving cars are (umm…) just around the corner.  But the future of mobility is going to be a lot more than just autonomous vehicles. It’s about how new technologies and services can be used to solve… Read More


New Frontiers at Sundance ’15

Last week I attended the Sundance Film Festival. It was my first time there and I was surprised and excited to see that they have an active New Frontier program exploring the future of storytelling. They hosted the New Frontier Exhibition — a really interesting collection of new media projects. The work shown this year features a lot… Read More


Music Animation Machine

Ok. Step number one, watch this visualization of Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring… Wow, right?! It was created by Stephen Malinowski, using his Music Animation Machine. Ok – it’s not interactive (the alleged theme of this blog) but it’s amazing. I could do a hundred posts on different way to visualize music. I just realized I haven’t yet posted about… Read More



“This is straight-up blogging, amateur prose written quickly and with neither guiding stricture nor sober editing.” via Just discovered and love the tone of it all. I’ve been struggling with what do to on this site — do I post here? tweet? medium? — and this post expressed so many of the thoughts I’ve had… Read More

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Minimum Products

A little while, when I started working on some new projects, I kept hearing the term MVP – or Minimum Viable Product. It was a term I was familiar with, but never really thought too much about. It made sense… get something built quickly and put it out in the world to test it. It’s… Read More

Milano Tape Deck

Guardians of the Galaxy

The new film Guardians of the Galaxy is full of crazy cool future digital interfaces and interactions. David Sheldon-Hicks, creative director of motion at Territory, the firm that did all the UI work for the film, recently took the time to talk about their work in the film — as well as share a ton… Read More


UCLA Extension

I’m super-excited to share a project of mine that’s just gone live…UCLA Extension is one of the nation’s oldest, largest, and most comprehensive continuing higher education providers. Since 1990, UCLA Extension has been inviting designers to create covers for their printed catalog — which is sent to hundreds of thousands of people in the Los… Read More


Cooper Hewitt’s Pen

This past June the Cooper Hewitt museum announced their plans for the opening of the renovated and restored Carnegie Mansion and the exhibitions that will inaugurate the revamped and expanded gallery spaces. Some of the new exhibitions will use an interactive pen that visitors can use to “draw, design, and explore” the content. (See this Wired… Read More


Messages and Means: Muriel Cooper at MIT

Muriel Cooper (1925-1994) was my advisor when I was a graduate student at her Visible Language Workshop at the MIT Media Lab. It was an experience that profoundly influenced the way I work and approach the the world. It’s not easy to describe, so instead these these quotes of hers may start to give a sense… Read More


Maintaining the Internet of Things

The past few days, post CES, I’ve been seeing a lot of posts about the challenges of the Internet of Things. BBH Labs points out that none of these new consumer products work together, and that the result is more burden: A lack of interoperability across devices and platforms will suck our time, not give… Read More


Happy New Year

JavaScript is required to view the contents of this page. Click the animation above to step through the eight doodles.   Thank you for a fantastic and memorable 2013. Wishing you an exciting 2014 with lots of new adventures. And stay tuned… I’m probably going to make some changes to Inventing Interactive in the coming… Read More


Paris: November, 2013

I just got back from a long relaxing and inspiring weekend in Paris and thought I’d post a handful pics of daily-life things I caught while was I traveling. First up – the touch-screen in-fight entertainment system on Air Canada. Nice big screens. But seeing a mouse cursor feels like a design mistake. Plus, the… Read More


Is Low-Res the new Black?

Somehow, I’ve ended up with a handful of browser-based links — a mix of retro, low-res, and stuff that made me say “I didn’t know that you could do that.” Google BBS Terminal is what Google would have looked like if it existed in the 80s.  PCE.js is a Mac Plus emulator running Mac OS… Read More