My iPad

Well, my iPad arrived this morning… and it’s been a lot of fun! Although… I wasn’t able to find a way to do this post using it (WordPress can’t access images from the iPad, and the WordPress iPad app crashes when I try adding images to a post).

There’s been so much hype about this device, so many previews, and shared online experiences, that when I finally unboxed and activated mine, it was almost as if it was something I’d had for years. It felt surprisingly comfortable and familiar.

There are definitely things that it could do better. But, for now, I’m having a lot of fun exploring it and how it will fit into my life.

My biggest surprise is that it wasn’t at all disappointing. So often when I get a new device it somehow doesn’t live up to expectations. It’s too slow, or it doesn’t work they way I though it would. The iPad works exactly as I expected — which, in itself, is surprising. And, in fact, it’s even faster than I expected!

Stay tuned, because although I don’t want to enter the fray of iPad journalism, I’m sure I’ll post more about the iPad and iPad apps here in the near future.