Talk to Me @ MoMA

From now through July 2011 you should make Talk to Me a regular part of your websurfing routine. The site is set up for an upcoming show at MoMA:

Talk to Me is an exhibition on the communication between people and objects that will open at The Museum of Modern Art on July 24th 2011, and will feature design products and concepts from all over the world. It will feature a wide range of objects, from interfaces and products to diagrams, visualizations, perhaps even vehicles and furniture, by bona-fide designers, students, scientists, all designed in the past few years or currently under developmentā€¦

Besides, obviously, the projects themselves, what’s interesting is that they are publicly curating the exhibition. The website shows not only work that they’re reviewed and are considering for the show, but work that’s “in the queue” and not yet reviewed. While it might be nice to let visitors vote or comment on pieces, I also can understand that they’re not trying to have this be a publicly-curated show.

There’s a lot of cool stuff there — and I’m sure much more to come. Below are videos for, EyeWriter and openFrameworks, two interesting projects I just discovered in their Queue.

(Thanks to Craig Kanarick and his EXP blog post for the heads-up.)

Update: Thank you MoMA for listing Inventing Interactive on the Talk to Me home page’s blogroll. Very cool!