Iron Man 2

Holographic Interface

Iron Man 2 opens today! And Engadget has posted a great collection of pictures and videos of interfaces that are used the film.

Sure, we’ve seen a lot of this before — multi-touch Surface-like tables, Star Trek transparent screens, complex layered windows (any standard windowing os — mixed with a bit of old-school Unix), micro-projectors, and even a little magic — but who’s to say it’s not fun?

The NYTimes review of the film describes Stark as:

An apostle of pleasure, progress and the free market, he is the kind of devil-may-care, lady-killing capitalist demigod that just about every hedge-fund cowboy and high-tech guru of the past 10 years has dreamed of being. And he cares too: about world peace and race cars and scientific innovation, among other things.

And interfaces are great reflection of his persona. They’re not the calm, clean, democratic elegance of an iPad. Instead they’re a collection of hyper-kinetic, hacker, engineer, power user, everything-at-once, all-for-me experiences. Just like Stark.

The interfaces were designed by Perception — who have posted a case study about the project on their website. And Comic Book Movie has a fantastic post, Behind The Visual Graphics of Iron Man 2, that details much of the design process and thinking behind the interfaces.

For an interview with Prologue Film’s Creative Director, Danny Yount, check out this interview at The Art of VFX.

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Coffee Table Interface
Coffee Table Interface

And below are some video clips showing the UIs in action…