Uniqlo Lucky Switch

Uniqlo’s interactive stuff is always cool, and this little toy is no exception. The “Lucky Switch” widget was part of a 2009 end-of-year clearance campaign. The widget could be embedded into blogs and websites, and when pressed, transformed every image on any website into a Uniqlo Lucky Ticket.

The widget was designed by the Japanese firm IMG SRC. You can see a description (in Japanese) of the project here.  I’m still searching for the actual embed code — so I could include it on this blog and try it out. Unfortunately it looks like it’s offline.

I think it’s a great example of a simple idea, with some clever html coding, to make an unexpected and boldly disruptive toy.

Update: You can see the switch in action here. And you can get a bookmarklet here.

Lucky Switch off
Lucky Switch on
The Switch!