Chase Blueprint

Cafe: Gathering stray holograms

Cool UI in credit card commercials? These two 2009 commercials from Chase for their Blueprint Visa cards demonstrate not only some advanced interaction models, but upcoming technology ideas, too.

The “Couch” ad features a magic paper bill, with qualities similar to Caprica Paper. The bill lets a customer touch an item to get more details about a purchase, along with being able to manage payment schedules. It’s interesting to see the purchased product revealed in a transparent window — perhaps so the customer can place the product in their house. It’s an interesting treatment for an augmented reality display.

The “Cafe” ad shows a magic credit card. The user can tilt the card to navigate items for purchase, bend the card to select items, and, with holographic projection, choose how to pay for items. It’s charming, at the end of the commercial, how the user gathers all the projected elements as he grabs the card to put it back in his wallet.

It’s a lot of fun to see this stuff in commercials for a product as seemingly ordinary as a credit card. But it makes sense, too. The campaign is introducing a card with new features based on an extensive research and development process.

Cafe: Bend to select
Cafe: Drop hologram to pay
Cafe: Holographic items
Couch: Bill with augmented reality window
Couch: Selecting payment options