Life Moves Fast

Palm: Interacting with the projection

Take a look at this series of commercials from Palm, part of their “Life moves fast. Don’t miss a thing” campaign. They show a kind-of augmented reality, holographic-style mobile UI.

Unlike the Chase Blueprint ads, which showed some pretty innovative ideas for holographic interfaces, these essentially project what’s happening on the screen. The point isn’t to present a new interface — instead it’s about communicating how you can use a mobile interface while you’re on-the-go. That, and not feel like you’re staring at a screen, isolated from the world around you.

In reality such an interface might be a bit intense as it followed your vision as you turned your head. But it could be interesting to think about how the interface might change when you stopped moving and wanted to focus on a detailed task. In that case the information density of the display could transform to be more like an iPad.

Microsoft has a similar ad for their Windows Phone 7 series — although their users are staring at the phone, not at the projection. Perhaps more honest, but not as engaging.

Windows: Interacting with the screen