Wrangler Blue Bell

Wrangler Blue Bell, Spring/Summer 2010

The websites for Wrangler Europe’s Blue Bell collection may not be revolutionary, but they have a simple and delightful interaction. When I saw the first, a couple months ago, I thought it was super-cool. And, with the launch of an update this week, I figured I now have permission to do a post. 😉

Designed by Kokokaka, the sites reveal their content through a series of simple chapter pages. On each page you’re able to control the character’s movements forwards and backwards. As they move you’re able to see the clothes from a variety of angles and, in some cases, states of undress or distress.

Launched earlier this year, the Spring/Summer 2010 site takes photography by Petrovsky & Ramone, and features Tony Ward. It’s kind of like you’re manipulating his body like a puppet, undressing him and throwing him around the set.

The site is no longer active, but you can see a video of it in-use here. (And, crazily enough, here is a kind-of machinima dance version of it.)

The video below is of the footage on which the website was built.

Wrangler Blue Bell, Spring/Summer 2010

The latest site, just launched, for Fall/Winter 2010, takes an on-the-street approach as you follow the character through a late-night chase. It’s more ambitious site, with more in-between sequences. I think I prefer the graphic cleanness of the earlier site, but this one is still a lot of fun. (The site’s source video is also available.)

Wrangler Blue Bell, Fall/Winter 2010

Wrangler Blue Bell, Fall/Winter 2010

And while it doesn’t have the same fun interactivity, take a look at the Wrangler Europe site. The 3D-like photography with animated viewpoint-shift is pretty cool.

Wrangler Europe

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  1. Update: Here’s a bit more information on the site, from a press release that the folks at Kokokaka sent…

    PR- information

    Blue Bell website: Discover the SS10 collection and take control of Tony Ward

    Undress Tony Ward. That’s the exciting prospect on Blue Bell’s Spring/Summer 2010 website. Thanks to ingenious interactive technology, visitors to bluebelljeans.com will be able to control legendary model Tony Ward’s actions – and even tear the shirt right off his body!

    The Blue Bell website, which launches SS10 in February, uses digital film and cinematic special effects to achieve an incomparable level of user interface. By giving visitors the opportunity to manipulate Ward, the website becomes more than a collection presentation; bluebelljeans.com is somewhere to revisit and something to talk about.

    The site showcases the SS10 collection of Blue Bell by Wrangler. Premium denims, washed extreme or rinsed clean, are worn contrasted. Fitted chinos are paired with a destroyed denim jacket over a fresh check shirt. Clean blue jeans combine with a washed-out denim shirt and Harrington jacket. Influences are vintage denims, classic 1950s styling and Western Americana. Quality is paramount, design pure. In fits, fabrics, washes and color – in its whole outlook – Blue Bell is an evolutionary step in denim style.

    Adam Kakembo, marketing director, Wrangler EMEA, said: “The Blue Bell brand pushes the boundaries of jeanswear, and its website pushes the boundaries of what is possible online.”


    Directors: Petrovsky & Ramone
    Production: Kokokaka
    DOP: Axel Lindahl
    Model: Tony Ward

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