Small Experiences

Creating a rich experience, with as little code as possible, is challenging. But the results can be marvels of creative programming.

Remember, when back in 1996, using just 12k of code, Red Sky created HP Pong — the first interactive banner ad.

HP Pong

There are two contests currently running to find the best small-sized web applications. The first, 10K Apart, is open through August 25. The challenge is to build a web app in less than 10k of code (not including the code libraries that they’ve approved for use).

Take a look through the gallery of entries to see some great examples of designer inginuity. I thought that LED Scroller and Sinuous (by Hakim El Hattab, who has a great page full of similar experiments.) were really cool. And 10K Tennis follows in the tradition of small pong games.

LED Scroller
10K Tennis

For an even more hardcore challenge, visit JS1k. Here, the file size must be under 1k, and cannot use any external libraries. Maybe constraints really are what designers need, because the results are pretty amazing. Entries are due by September 10 — so start coding!

Entry #311
Entry #292
Entry #365