Just released for the iPad, Inkling looks fantastic. It’s designed as an e-textbook reader — and has beautiful layout and typography. It’s also got support for a wide range of multimedia content such as movies, 3D, and quizzes. But I think its real killer-feature is the way it can integrate your social network into the reading experience. You can embed notes within the pages, share them with others, even follow them as streams. It makes books feel social and alive.

My gripe with Inkling is that it’s a closed ecosystem — you can only read books that you purchase through the Inkling store. Wouldn’t it be way-cooler if Inkling was a wrapper that you could use to read e-books purchased from Amazon and the Apple iBookstore, too? That way you could use all the social features in, for example, a cookbook or travel guide.

Inkling is a free app and comes with a demo version of The Elements of Style. Give it a try.

Link via Daring Fireball.

Interesting scroll bar detail.