Redesigning the ATM experience is a recurring UI design favorite. They’re something we all use, and we all have thoughts about how they can be made better.

A couple years ago, Physical Interface published an in-depth article about Pentagram’s redesign of the Wells Fargo ATM. It was a fascinating view into a very challenging task — revealing a lot of complex, and often conflicting, requirements.

Unfortunately, most ATMs seem to end up as Frankenstein-like solutions as they try to resolve all the design requirements. Khoi Vinh recently posted about how the industrial design of ATMs almost encourages theft. And, in the US, complex ADA rules have a huge impact on design.

This past May, IDEO published a video showing their redesign for Spanish bank BBVA’s ATMs, and it’s pretty interesting. Their approach seems much more user-centered — and the results are a big improvement from  typical ATMs. Quoting from the video, the themes that drove their design were: 90° rotation enhances privacy, all-in-one slot forces simplicity, full touch screen supports intuitive interactions, personalization boosts flexibility, virtual to real transitions materialize tangibility, and large screen leaves room for delight.

The result is an elegant mix of product and UI design, with some quite beautiful moments. I particularly like the animation, during a withdrawal, showing the transition of cash from the virtual to the physical.

It’s unclear, though, if this is just a design vision project. Will installation and regulatory requirements require changes to the design? It’ll be interesting to see what happens as the projects moves into deployment.