Stephen Fry‘s new iPhone app MyFry has already received a lot of blog coverage… but I wanted to quickly post it here because it looks like such an interesting experiment in publishing.

The app’s content is Fry’s new book “The Fry Chronicles” — but it’s been made non-linear. The primary navigation of the app/book is a large circular wheel. Readers can scroll around the wheel’s spokes for the different sections, which are color-coded by themes within the section. Then, within a section, readers can explore by additional tags. Unfortunately, the app isn’t currently available for purchase in the US. But the video walk-through gives a good overview of how it works.

The app may not be perfect. It doesn’t appear to mark sections as “read” — so readers may find themselves having trouble knowing where to go next. I’d love to see additional views of the content and how it’s all interconnected. And I question the scalability of the approach — could it work for other content with more categories, chapters, tags, etc?

Still, it’s great to see fresh approaches like this — where content can break free of its traditional paged structure. Hopefully it’ll encourage more authors and publishers, who are struggling with the future of digital publishing, to keep experimenting and pushing forward.

Below are a couple images of the app, along with some great sketches (via the Eye Magazine blog, where there are more) by designer Stefanie Posavec.

Early development screenshots