Journalism in the Age of Data


Take a look at Journalism in the Age of Data. It’s a great report, by Geoff McGhee, on current trends in data visualization. While the focus is primarily on information graphics, it also demonstrates how giving audiences the ability to interact with the data enables greater understanding.

The report covers a lot of ground. I think it’s especially interesting to consider how newsrooms are changing because of the growing importance of these visualizations. Infographics are no longer in the sidebar, instead they’re a key part of the communication. Visualization is journalism. Or, more dramatically, journalism has become about data visualization? (Related is this article in the Guardian on how to be a data journalist.)

It was also revealing, although not entirely surprising, to see the degree to which news organizations have evolved into quasi- software developers. Their need to have tools to speed content creation has become critical, so that they don’t have to re-invent the wheel for each story. There’s certainly a lot of competition to create the most engaging content. I’m sure that will drive increasingly innovative and informative designs for interacting with data.

The report’s website is nicely done. As the video plays it gives a wealth of related links to the examples cited. But if you want just the raw video, I’ve pasted a link below.

NYTimes: Budget Forecasts, Compared With Reality

(Link via Feltron.)