Media Surfaces

Check it out, two new films from BERG — what a great way to start the day. They’re sketches exploring ideas and principles behind Dentsu London‘s communications strategy Making Future Magic. The films don’t feature a lot of interactivity, they’re more about communication and information design. But they are quite beautiful, and calm, visions of how technology can be woven into our lives.

Russell Davies points out that the films are “a great expression and an important one — because if we apply media’s usual instincts to all the screens that are going to arrive in our world we’ll be drowned by the shouting. We have to learn to be polite.” And I agree – they’re a far cry from the chaos shown in Keiichi Matsuda’s Augmented City.

I’m including the films here, but be sure to read the two posts on BERG’s blog, Incidental Media and The Journey, and which go into much more detail on the ideas in the films.

Listening to the radio, this device shows related images.
Useful information from a machine that knows where it is.