Nanotechnology & Nokia Morph

Here’s some super-interesting work from the Nokia Research Center showing five future mobile interface ideas. The introduction film is a charming animated scenario called Morph. It demonstrates some possibilities nanotechnologies might enable in future communication devices. But it’s not just dreaming, there’s some pretty hard-core science going on behind the scenes.

Much of the vision is based on nanotechnologies and research done with the Cambridge Nanoscience Centre. The applications are pretty cool. They include stretchable surfaces (via a nanoscale mesh of fibers), devices that can smell (via nanowire sensing), the ability to harvest solar energy (via nanoscale grass), self-cleaning devices (via superhydrophobic surfaces), transparent electronics (because the technology can be so small), and haptic surfaces (via electrovibration) with true 3d buttons.

(Visit Wired to see the full article. Link via Putting People First.)