Corning’s A Day Made of Glass

I’m normally a sucker for future vision videos, but Corning’s A Day Made of Glass, left me cold. It’s pretty, and full of subtle scenario details, but overall the interactions shown are so ordinary that it’s hard to get very excited. Maybe that’s just their point — this technology is becoming a standard part of our lives. But it would still be nice to see things pushed a bit further.

One thought on “Corning’s A Day Made of Glass”

  1. In reference to your comment about the interactions being “ordinary” and unexciting, I was all set to praise Corning for at least being *realistic* with their vision of supposedly near-future interactions, and sticking to activities and interfaces that don’t stray TOO unbelievably far from what & how we use computers for today.

    I WAS all set to praise them for this, and then I got to the first phone-call sequence, when the children are passing Grandma’s call around and participating in a 2-way video conversation that appears to have entirely overcome the need for a camera to capture the video! I didn’t know their surfaces were THAT magical.

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