Dreamy Visions


Here are three interesting vision scenario projects from Michaël Harbourn, a designer currently studying in Paris. There’s a fascinating aspect to these projects — I’m not sure if the student, foreign (non-US), or product-design orientation is the source. But his use of morphable surfaces, and quiet, almost meditative, presentation style, is pretty neat.

Aeon is a transportation vision, with augmented reality and even the ability to block everything out and just relax. And Transcendenz, part of his thesis project, is a means for users to block out the information assault of the regular world, and access the world of “Interconsciousness.” Interestingly, both projects lean towards blocking-out the surrounding world.

Living Kitchen shows a kitchen based on morphable surfaces. Users (chefs?) can draw on the surfaces to direct transformations, or gesture to make broader changes. The specifics feel a bit too organic, but I love the way the kitchen adapts to your needs. And the full sequence — washing the food, preparing it, and then serving it, all through transformations — is a nice example of a single interface for a broad range of functions.


Living Kitchen
Living Kitchen
Living Kitchen

It’s probably silly to make a connection between Living Kitchen and Demon Seed. But still… why not?!