Talk to Me

I was in New York last week and got a chance to see MoMA’s Talk to Me exhibit. I’d been following the development and curation of the show on its blog, which bravely linked to works that were being considered for inclusion.

The show, on the communication between people and objects, featured a lot of projects that should be familiar to readers of this blog. It’s a fantastic collection of some of the best work happening today. Stepping into the museum to see it, was a bit unnerving — I wasn’t used to seeing these things outside my computer; and, for those objects that were physical, to see them in the flesh.

The show is, perhaps, a bit dense. There’s so much to see, and each piece takes a fair amount of time to understand or experience. So the website, designed by Stamen, is a great resource to look at the projects in more detail. Like the Design and the Elastic Mind site, for another MoMA show also curated by Paola Antonelli, visitors can explore the relationships between the objects, as well as dive deeper into each piece.

The site has a 8-bit kind of visual quality, a cool more/less control that adjusts the number of related objects to display, and lots of ways to search and filter what you see. Is it awful to say that I preferred looking at the exhibit on the site rather than in person?