Digital Natives

I’ve heard the term digital native a lot, and the idea of them — kids that have grown up with digital technology and for whom it’s a natural part of the world. But there’s a even stronger implication: that they understand it so deeply that they view the world fundamentally different than non-natives.

This video (linked in a post full of great links by Chris O’Shea) really brought that idea to life.

Fascinating and terrifying.

Chris also linked to an interesting article, reimagining interactive TV, where the author writes about his daughter and her confusion that she can’t drag content from her TV to her bed. The expectation that digital and the real world are fluid.

This video (via TechCrunch) from Microsoft Research shows that researchers are actually working on technolgy that could make such a scenario possible — a kind of holodeck merged with the real world.

Super exciting and cool.

Where will all this lead? To me, it’s a reminder that what we feed these digital natives will influence the world they choose to build. We have an opportunity to create the new metaphors of interaction, and ways of thinking about (and interacting with) content, that can change the world. Let’s not pander to kids with dumb digital experiences — let’s teach them right.