Very Recent History: 26-July-12

I’ve been distracted the past couple weeks with work projects, unable to find the time to do much “real” posting. But here are a few things I’ve been reading or seeing lately (most of which I’ve posted on my twitter account) that I think are worth a look…

T(ether) is a interesting AR-type system that lets users manipulate volumetric data.

Zspace is a tablet/stylus 3D display/interface that looks pretty futuristic. Except it’s an actual product!

Google’s Web Lab is a great mix of in-person and online experiences to communicate how the internet works. It’s part Chrome Experiment and exhibit at the London Science Museum.

In late May, Andy Cameron passed away. Andy was a founder of Antirom, and early group that explored the creative and artistic ideas possible with interactive media. It was nice to see him remembered fondly, and to see some images of the early Antirom work — such as this Creative Review article and interview.

Nobody got the right answer to a #GuessTheUI tweet. The answer… “Batman Begins” — it was the screen in Batman’s car.

Data-vis eye-candy in a commercial for First Data Bank. For medical care it doesn’t actually feel very human, but it’s still pretty…

Interesting research in The Atlantic that the primary demographic for technology is women in their 40’s-60’s.

This last one is a bit off-topic, but I’ve been researching different types of fan engagement with content. This one, taken in the light tone it’s intended, is charming… Siege tactics for taking Magic Kingdom’s Cinderella Castle.