I had lunch today at genes@CO-OP, the cafe at Barneys New York‘s Madison Avenue store. It’s a remarkably restrained, and so quite pleasant, interactive dining experience  designed by 2×4. It’s simple enough… a long double-sided table, and at each seat, a touchable monitor under the glass surface. You can choose what you want to eat, request the bill, and look at Barneys editorial content (videos, articles) and website.

The experience isn’t nearly as media-rich as Inamo in London, and the touch experience is pretty low-res — nowhere nearly as responsive as an iPhone. But that’s not the point — and perhaps for the best. This is designed to be simple and kinda novel, but not dominate and distract from real-life conversations you’d like to have with the people you’re with. And if you’re dining alone, there’s enough to keep you distracted.

It’s worth a look, and a bite. It’s not going to change the world, but definitely nicely done.