Present Quick


Take a look at Connecting — it’s a short film on the current trends in UI, interaction and experience design — and how it’s making us more deeply and richly connected to information and each other.

Created by Bassett & Partners, the film is full of great examples of the current state of user experience design, it’s rightful place in the design conversation, and that there is a body of work that establishes what good UX should accomplish. And it shows just how broad the field really is — dealing with a wide range of detailed “today” examples.

What’s also nice to see and hear are that people are aware that the field is still evolving, that the future is yet to be explored, and the value of doing such vision work. A couple examples:

Younghee Jung (Nokia): “We are at a phase where we are a little confused about what’s really important.”

Helen Waters (Doblin/Monitor) points out that the future of interaction design still is to be invented: “It’s a little tragic how everyone is trying to translate print onto the digital format. What we will see at some point is for someone to take the medium and do something that’s appropriate and magical and enhances the experience.”

And Blaise Aguera y Arcas (Microsoft) talks about the challenges of using metaphor in design. “Making use of the the latent knowledge of the metaphor without imitating it is the sweet spot.” It’s understanding what metaphors are appropriate to keep, and which are just transitional as we move into new digital experiences.

The full film is here.