IBM’s 5 in 5


Happy new year! It’s the start of a new year, and so the web is flooded with best-of and what’s-next articles. So bear with me if, over the next couple days, I share some favorites here.

5 in 5, from IBM Research, is a thoughtful look at how innovations, organized around our five senses, will shape future computing. The work is based on the idea is that “emerging technologies will continue to push the boundaries of human limitations to enhance and augment our senses with machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), advanced speech recognition and more.”

For each sense — touch, sight, hearing, taste, and smell — there is a video and an accompanying mind-map illustration. Here’s the set for touch — which includes the idea that using haptics we’ll eventually be able to feel the fabrics of clothing that we’re shopping for using our phones.



It’s a nice look at how future technology can work to enhance our senses in a humanistic way.