Present Quick

The Art of Creative Coding

Here’s a great video surveying the creative coding movement from Off Book — a PBS web series about cutting edge arts. What’s especially nice is that the video’s YouTube page includes links to the people interviewed, as well as a Google doc listing every project shown.

The video is broken into three sections:

  • Simplifying code with Processing – with Daniel Shiffman, NYU. Highlights how Processing empowers non-programmers to start coding quickly and enables them to create things not otherwise possible with off-the-shelf tools.
  • Professional coding with Cinder – with Keith Butters, Barbarian Group. Cinder’s C++ library enables high-level professional creations.
  • Open Frameworks community & RGBDToolkit – with Jonathan Minard & James George. The toolkit enables a new form of cinema in which the user can engage.

All the speakers talk about the importance of the open community and the philosophy of sharing, and how that both enables people to learn from each other as well as encourages competition to do even better work.

The video may not contain any surprises, but it’s a nice summary of what’s happening. And the Google doc is definitely a good selection of recent creative coding projects.