Jongmin Kim


I haven’t done a post on the visual design of an interactive designer for a while — but discovering Jongmin Kim’s work gave me reason to do so. Jongmin is an interactive designer from South Korea currently living and working in New York, and his work is beautiful.

FFF (for “Form Follows Function”) is his collection of HTML5 experiments. Beautiful and playful, each is inspired by a favorite thing of Jomgmin’s. The site even got featured in FastCompany.


His portfolio site has a great method for exploring his photos based on location and time.



And his blog is full of other, similarly intriguing, projects. I especially liked finding his iOS app “Desk” that lets you look at photos of desks and the surroundings of other designers. (It reminds me a lot of an old favorite book of mine: “Tokyo Style” with its intimate views into peoples homes.)



Definitely scroll through the past projects. It’s inspiring work. And great to see he’s getting press and awards, too.