Very Recent History: 23-Jan-13

Interface from "Alien."
Interface from “Alien.”

I’ve been collecting these links — hoping to do some posts on them — but, never getting around to it. Because they’re starting to get stale, thought I’d post them simply as recent and interesting  links.

The changing face of computers on screen is an interesting post on how computers have been portrayed in films — and the transition of them from physical objects with lots of buttons and controls to digital objects with touchscreens and gestures. “The human was typically portrayed as intruding on the computer rather than using the computer. None of which, of course, reflected where computers were actually heading.”

At the end of the year there were lots of top-10 and future prediction lists. A couple worth reading include:

"The carp and the seagull"
“The carp and the seagull”

Three principals for the future of gaming includes a discussion about Ingress, an experimental mobile game from Google. And goes on to explain the principles underlying it.

In this interview with Ray Kurzweil, he talks about his new position at Google and a project to better understand the information that Google contains. “We want to give computers the ability to understand the language that they’re reading.” (More here.)

This film, on the history and founders of Arduino, is charming and Italian.

I’ve posted before about how smaller firms are often better able to develop innovative designs. And this post on What brands think of agencies contains interviews from the client-side that supports that belief. Related is One theory about why the tech startup scene is boring right now — a post that decries the current climate of incremental improvement, and argues that we need more disruptive ideas to get everyone excited again.