Multiple screens in real space...
Multiple screens in real space…

This looks interesting. From Oblong comes Greenhouse, a creative coding toolkit for spatial interfaces.

One of Oblong’s founders helped design the gesture interfaces of Minority Report. And much of the firm’s work has been developing tools to make such gesture-based interactions more common place. Their g-speak platform enables multi-user, multi-screen, multi-device, spatial, networked applications.

But g-speak was created when such gesture and spatial input was expensive and rare. Today, with technologies like Kinect and position-aware smartphones, such input is relatively easy and inexpensive. So Greenhouse offers an easy way for developers to create g-speak applications and, I’m sure, integrate them with other creative frameworks.

Greenhouse is designed to support the creation of interfaces with seamless user interactions across multiple non-adjacent screens. Instead of designing for one large window, you can design for multiple surfaces in space.

The Greenhouse site includes some getting started help, reference documentation, and community links. It’ll be great to see the ways in which multi-screen applications can really feel like they’re in a shared common space. Very exciting…