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UCLA Extension

I’m super-excited to share a project of mine that’s just gone live…UCLA Extension is one of the nation’s oldest, largest, and most comprehensive continuing higher education providers. Since 1990, UCLA Extension has been inviting designers to create covers for their printed catalog — which is sent to hundreds of thousands of people in the Los… Read More

Cooper Hewitt’s Pen

This past June the Cooper Hewitt museum announced their plans for the opening of the renovated and restored Carnegie Mansion and the exhibitions that will inaugurate the revamped and expanded gallery spaces. Some of the new exhibitions will use an interactive pen that visitors can use to “draw, design, and explore” the content. (See this Wired… Read More

Messages and Means: Muriel Cooper at MIT

Muriel Cooper (1925-1994) was my advisor when I was a graduate student at her Visible Language Workshop at the MIT Media Lab. It was an experience that profoundly influenced the way I work and approach the the world. It’s not easy to describe, so instead these these quotes of hers may start to give a sense… Read More

Maintaining the Internet of Things

The past few days, post CES, I’ve been seeing a lot of posts about the challenges of the Internet of Things. BBH Labs points out that none of these new consumer products work together, and that the result is more burden: A lack of interoperability across devices and platforms will suck our time, not give… Read More

Happy New Year

JavaScript is required to view the contents of this page. Click the animation above to step through the eight doodles.   Thank you for a fantastic and memorable 2013. Wishing you an exciting 2014 with lots of new adventures. And stay tuned… I’m probably going to make some changes to Inventing Interactive in the coming… Read More

Paris: November, 2013

I just got back from a long relaxing and inspiring weekend in Paris and thought I’d post a handful pics of daily-life things I caught while was I traveling. First up – the touch-screen in-fight entertainment system on Air Canada. Nice big screens. But seeing a mouse cursor feels like a design mistake. Plus, the… Read More

Is Low-Res the new Black?

Somehow, I’ve ended up with a handful of browser-based links — a mix of retro, low-res, and stuff that made me say “I didn’t know that you could do that.” Google BBS Terminal is what Google would have looked like if it existed in the 80s.  PCE.js is a Mac Plus emulator running Mac OS… Read More

Seamless Interaction

A couple weeks ago I was at dinner with some friends. At some point, talking about recent trips, people wanted to see pictures. As iPhones ware passed around (always a little worried that swiping to the next photo might reveal something not intended to be shared), we realized that we could exchange photos with Apple’s… Read More

Ender’s Game

Despite the controversy surrounding Ender’s Game, I wanted to share a handful of images of UI from the film. Among the team involved in the work was Ash Thorp, who I’ve interviewed here before about his other work. It’s beautiful, complex, rich-looking infographics and interface stuff. There’s more on Ash’s site, too.

Empowering Discovery

I’ve just fallen in love with “The Flavor Thesaurus” by Niki Segnit. The book takes 99 basic flavors and examines how each pairs with the remanding 98. The author acknowledges that the list of 99 and the pairings were only semi-scientific — instead it’s more a way of exploring pairings, categorizing recipes, and sharing personal… Read More

Living Future Visions

I’m a big fan of future vision and future scenario projects. And the recent article, The Future (According to Corporations), by Robert Bolton, gives an interesting read on them.  The article is a response to a talk by Scott Smith who argued that such projects are watered-down corporate visions, lacking real-world emotions and needs, and encouraging… Read More

Voice Tunnel

This past weekend I had a chance to experience Voice Tunnel — an interactive light and sound installation by Mexican-Canadian artist Rafael Lozano-Hemmer. It’s a temporary installation in New York City’s Park Avenue Tunnel and open just three Saturdays this month as part of Summer Streets 2013. The 1,4000 foot long piece runs from East 33rd Street… Read More

HP’s UI Design Vision

Often, when I work on projects, they’re for a client’s internal use, or otherwise secret, and I can’t share the work. So I was excited to discover that some work that I had helped lead was finally online, and I could post some of it. In 2009 I was working for BMW Group DesignworksUSA and… Read More