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Touché is a system developed by Disney Research and Carnegie Mellon University that allows people to interact with everyday objects via gestures. It’s pretty interesting, and invites not only a whole new type of interaction, but the ability to use almost anything as an interface. Ivan Poupyrev, senior research scientist at Disney Research in Pittsburgh,… Read More

Corning’s A Day Made of Glass 2

Corning continues their vision of the future with “A Day Made of Glass 2.” When I previously posted about their earlier film I wasn’t so impressed, but this one feels more interesting. It’s full of different interactions made possible with a variety of glass displays, from handheld to very large. And, in addition to the… Read More

Rear Windows

There’s lots of design activity around how to bring more digital services to drivers, but the passenger often gets left out of the fun. So, it’s interesting to see this work from GM on how to enhance the passengers’ experience. For their Windows of Opportunity project, they focused on engaging children in the rear seats…. Read More

Is the Auto Industry Awful?

FastCompany recently posted a insightful analysis, definitely worth a read, of the challenges the auto industry faces as they work to embrace consumer electronics and other ditigal trends. The title begins “Cars Are Horrible Mobile Tech Devices…” and details the root of the problem: “Fast as they they may go, automobiles are some of the… Read More


There are a handful of relatively new initiatives happening to better interconnect the wide variety of systems that make up cities. IBM’s Smarter Cities (as part of their Smarter Planet), and LivingPlanIT and their “Urban Operating System” are just two. They’re working to harness the complexity and range of data that make up a city… Read More

Immersive Films

I recently posted a link about research leading to creating a real-world holodeck. So it was interesting to discover these three films, created for Sony, which showed another technique for creating immersive experiences. Sony’s “trick” is to use projection mapping — which normally looks best from just a single static view point. They made the… Read More

Digital Natives

I’ve heard the term digital native a lot, and the idea of them — kids that have grown up with digital technology and for whom it’s a natural part of the world. But there’s a even stronger implication: that they understand it so deeply that they view the world fundamentally different than non-natives. This video… Read More

Productivity Future Vision

Microsoft recently released a future vision video — looking at how people might get things done 5-10 years in the future. It’s a quite beautifully done piece, full of detail and scenarios. They’ve also put up a website which describes elements of the video in more detail. But what’s surprising is the intensity of the… Read More

Smarter Healthcare

This new ad from IBM, promoting their Smarter Healthcare initiative is more idea communication than interface. But, it’s nicely suggestive of the complexity of information that doctors and patients need to deal with. And it’s a teaser for the potential of IBM’s Watson in the health care space. As a side note, sorry for the… Read More

Final Fantasy UIs

The blog Huds and Guis has put together three great video montages of UI design from the 2001 film Final Fantasy. The film may not be all that great, but these UI sequences are a lot of fun to watch. Definitely UI candy! It’s an interesting collection of holographic displays, globes and spheres, small detailed… Read More

Dominate Another Day

Nike, as part of their Jumpman campaign has created a series of commercials called Dominate Another Day, or D3. And the really cool new blog, Huds and Guis, has posted some background information as well as all six videos. Head-up displays, augmented reality, and transparent screens; They aren’t the deepest fantasy UIs, but they’re still… Read More

Dreamy Visions

Here are three interesting vision scenario projects from Michaël Harbourn, a designer currently studying in Paris. There’s a fascinating aspect to these projects — I’m not sure if the student, foreign (non-US), or product-design orientation is the source. But his use of morphable surfaces, and quiet, almost meditative, presentation style, is pretty neat. Aeon is… Read More

Medley AR

Here’s a charming Augmented Reality vision piece, “Medley,” created by Mattias Wozniak and Björn Svensson as part of their Masters Thesis at Lund University in Sweden. It’s full of great, beautifully delicate, examples how AR could be incorporated into everyday life. A nice contrast to some of the alternative nightmarish advertising or boring corporate scenarios…. Read More