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US Air Force – Space Command

What’s striking, at first glance, about this US Air Force TV commercial is how much it feels influenced by the UI design in Avatar. Or perhaps, alternatively, it’s because Avatar was influenced by military interfaces. In either case, it’s an interesting view of the Air Force’s UI capabilities. The commercial shows “Space Command” as both… Read More

Complexity and Quantum of Solace

In What Movie UIs Say About the Future, Tony Walt reviews a variety of interface types featured in some recent movies. His discussion on Complexity was particularly interesting — especially in the context of the iPad and its move towards simplicity: I’ve noticed that UIs in feature films are continually getting more elaborate and complex…. Read More


It’s kinda crazy – but kinda cool, too. The premise: as technology gets smaller and smaller it gets harder for us to interact with the devices. The solution: use our bodies as input devices! Chris Harrison’s research project, Skinput, to be published at CHI 2010, is fascinating. It’s fun to imagine what this might be… Read More

Nintendo’s Magic Window

Take a look at this charming new game for the Nintendo DSi — Rittai Kakushi E Atta Koreda which roughly means: “3D Hidden Images: Found it! Here it is!” The premise is simply: explore 3D scenes and find hidden letters… Tilt the device around to see the scenes from different perspectives. What’s beautiful is how… Read More

Mag+ vs The September Issue

I’m a fan of BERG, and so was excited to discover this video of Mag+, a digital magazine design concept they created for Bonnier. BERG’s Jack Schulze talks about what people like about printed magazines… things like the of significance the cover (and our long-term memories associated with them), the sense of completion when done… Read More

Windows Phone 7 Series

The announcement this week of Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 Series has been getting a lot of attention. And, the reviews have been generally positive. It’s funny how, as designers, we’re so often skeptical about Microsoft. My friend Eric Brown saw the announcement and emailed me, asking, “Am I crazy for liking this?” I feel the… Read More

La Vitrine: Reactive Wall

Take a look at this “reactive wall” in Montreal in front of La Vitrine. It was created by Moment Factory and Photonic Dreams. Created in August 2009 it was originally intended to be a temporary installation, it’s since been made a permanent part of the club’s facade. Sensors (it looks like they’re in an overhang… Read More

Spatial-Search on Bing Maps

This morning, looking at the Flickr blog, I read this cool post about Flickr Everywhere. — a collection of new ways Flickr is being integrated into offerings from Apple, Google and Microsoft. The item that really caught my attention was the way that Microsoft is integrating Flickr content into Bing Maps. A type of spatial-search,… Read More

Social Responsibility

With TED happening this week, it’s been interesting to follow the buzz of activity around it. Watching Jamie Oliver’s powerful talk, an “all-out assault” on the need to change how we teach children about food, got me thinking… What role can we play, as interactive media designers, to make change and support responsible behavior in… Read More

Art is a Hammer

In a short but interesting piece in the Harvard Business Review, John Maeda & Becky Bermont provoke with Why Business Leaders Should Act More like Artists. Their three big “ahas” around breaking stereotypes and working like artists are 1) artists constantly collaborate, 2) artists are talented communicators, and 3) artists learn how to learn together…. Read More

Magic Books

When I first saw Peter Greenaway’s film “Prospero’s Books” I was drawn to the innovative use of layering and multiple images to visualize the 24 books that made up the film’s arc. I was inspired. I wanted to explore ways to create interactive books with the richness and complexity as the books in the film…… Read More

Decode: Digital Design Sensations

  It’s a beautiful day here in Los Angeles. So going to rainy London doesn’t seem like that much fun. But I think I might change my mind if I could go see the recently opened exhibit Decode: Digital Design Sensations at the Victoria & Albert Museum. The exhibition: “…showcases the latest developments in digital… Read More

The End of Flash?

Ever since last week’s iPad launch, the image of an iPad’s web browser with the missing-plugin Lego-brick has been generating a lot of discussion. Is Apple at war with Adobe? Is Adobe’s Flash critical to the web experience? Is Apple’s restriction going to doom the iPad? It’s not only bloggers talking, even the New York… Read More

Novelty Dining in London

Last year I was in London with some friends and we ended up having dinner at Inamo in SoHo. They’ve developed an interactive ordering system that uses your entire table as a display, using ceiling-mounted projectors The basic dilemma with these sorts of restaurants is that the novelty, whatever it may be, is what attracts… Read More