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Keyboard Refinements

After my post about the fluidity of using the Symbolics keyboard, I thought Phil Gyford’s recent post about typing speeds on different devices, Pen v keyboard v Newton v Graffiti v Treo v iPhone, was very cool. As an experiment, he entered the same paragraph of text into using six different devices to see which… Read More

Realism Doesn’t Work

Lukas Mathis, for UX Magazine, recently wrote an interesting article: Realism in UI Design. It takes some of the ideas from Scott McCloud’s “Understanding Comics” (a book I remember making a big impact in the UI world when it first came out) — and looks at those concepts apply to UI design. The examples he… Read More

Are Phones Leading OS Innovation?

Here’s a great piece on Engadget by Paul Miller: Editorial: 10 outdated elements of desktop operating systems. It’s a very interesting read, not just about the problems of existing desktop operating systems, but pointing out that some of the possible solutions are right in front of us. What’s cool is the degree to which phones… Read More

Rediscovering Yugop

If you’ve never seen the work of Yugo Nakamura, known online as Yugop, go immediately to his website and take a look around. And if you have seen his work, it’s probably worth looking at again. Based in Japan, Yugo’s been doing amazing interactive work since the late 90’s. His work, primarily Flash-based, has… Read More

Sketching in Code

I’ve always been interested in high-level design tools as a means for designers to easily sketch ideas without getting stuck in production details. It’s too easy, and common, for a designer to create a sketch in Photoshop, or an initial wireframe, and then be reluctant to make large-scale changes to the design because of the… Read More

Design Education: Don’t be Separate!

I’m very interested in how we develop the next generation of interactive design talent. Partly because I’ve been both a educator (teaching and developing curricula at Art Center) and an employer (my own studio, Triplecode, and within other firms). And also because my own personal path has covered a wide range of professions. David Malouf… Read More

I.D. and Design Culture

Over the past several years I rarely read I.D. magazine. And so when it was recently announced that the magazine was going to cease publication I wasn’t terribly moved. Yes, it was sad to lose an historic design voice. But the magazine had been feeling less and less relevant. Perhaps it was just another casualty… Read More


Welcome to my new blog: Inventing Interactive. My friend Terry, who runs Sknitter, mentioned that keeping a blog fed is a lot of work. We’ll see how it goes — but if I don’t start I’ll never know. I’ve been involved in interactive media design, in one form or another, for almost 20 years. I’ve… Read More