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Attention to Detail

In design it’s often the small details that matter the most. And a couple recent finds have been great reminders of that. The first is the site KnobFeel. It’s a collection of “reviews based purely on the feel of the knob.” And it’s genius because, for so much industrial design, it really is the subtle… Read More

TechFest ’13

Microsoft Research recently held TechFest 2013 — an event showcasing research projects from Microsoft Research’s labs around the world. And, although the event’s website requires Silverlight and isn’t the easiest thing in the world to navigate, it’s worth a look — it’s full of all sorts of future-looking research and explorations. (Or – use their… Read More

Enhanced Dining

I just realized that I’ve been collecting food-related links. I think it may have started with Why Menus Suck + Other Deep Thoughts on the Food Tech Revolution. In the post, Dave McClure starts with the premise that “menus suck” and then goes on to offer some opportunities to improve the restaurant experience. The most… Read More

Surface Mistakes

Last weekend, while on vacation, I saw this Surface (or Surface-like) table at the hotel’s concierge desk. The idea of making local information easily accessible to guests is, of course, a great idea. And the dual-interaction possibilities, so that both guest and concierge can work together to explore options, are empowering. But it’s the realities… Read More

Very Recent History: 23-Jan-13

I’ve been collecting these links — hoping to do some posts on them — but, never getting around to it. Because they’re starting to get stale, thought I’d post them simply as recent and interesting  links. The changing face of computers on screen is an interesting post on how computers have been portrayed in films —… Read More

Jongmin Kim

I haven’t done a post on the visual design of an interactive designer for a while — but discovering Jongmin Kim’s work gave me reason to do so. Jongmin is an interactive designer from South Korea currently living and working in New York, and his work is beautiful. FFF (for “Form Follows Function”) is his collection… Read More

The Art of Creative Coding

Here’s a great video surveying the creative coding movement from Off Book — a PBS web series about cutting edge arts. What’s especially nice is that the video’s YouTube page includes links to the people interviewed, as well as a Google doc listing every project shown. The video is broken into three sections: Simplifying code with Processing –… Read More

Berg Lamps

I love it when designer talk about the process behind their work. And even more when that process is both thoughtful and sketchy. For it’s through sketching and making design tangible that one can begin to experience and understanding it. And from that comes learning and thus the ability to iterate and improve. Berg recently… Read More

Process Videos

GMUNK, who I previously interviewed for his work on “Tron,” recently put up a Pintrest page full of eye-candy fantasy UI and GFX process videos. They’re all worth a look, but here are a couple cool highlights… The “Tron” video shows some of the graphics from the Solar Sailor sequence. Very beautiful. It’s interesting to see… Read More


Take a look at Connecting — it’s a short film on the current trends in UI, interaction and experience design — and how it’s making us more deeply and richly connected to information and each other. Created by Bassett & Partners, the film is full of great examples of the current state of user experience… Read More

Sleep No More

This past weekend I went to see Sleep No More. The show, which takes place in New York’s “McKittrick Hotel” is an immersive theater experience. The audience, wearing masks, explores a hundred rooms spread over seven floors — you open drawers, examine props, follow actors around, and generally try to figure out what’s going on…. Read More

Parsons Design & Technology

Recently I was asked (along with Anne Burdick who is chair Art Center’s Media Design Program, and Golan Levin who teaches at Carnegie Mellon) to review the MFA program in Design and Technology (DT) at Parsons The New School. (We also reviewed their BFA programs in Communication Design (CD) and TD, but I won’t discuss… Read More

Make It So

For years I’ve though about writing a book on interface design in science fiction movies. The idea always started as a big coffee table book full of great examples, but then the details started to get tricky: “how would the book be organized?”; “how would all the interconnected themes weave together in the examples?”; and… Read More