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Goodbye Minitel

Sorry for not posting lately, I’ve been surprisingly busy. I’m off to Paris for the long Thanksgiving weekend – and just remembered an old post I had started on France’s Minitel. I’ll include it here. If anyone has any suggestions of interesting interactive work I should check out while in Paris, drop me a note…. Read More

Leap Motion

I may be new to this party, but it sure looks like a cool one. It’s the Leap Motion gesture control system — a $70 device that’s scheduled for release some time this winter. Technology Review described it as The Most Important New Technology Since the Smart Phone. That may be a bit strong, but…… Read More


Touché is a system developed by Disney Research and Carnegie Mellon University that allows people to interact with everyday objects via gestures. It’s pretty interesting, and invites not only a whole new type of interaction, but the ability to use almost anything as an interface. Ivan Poupyrev, senior research scientist at Disney Research in Pittsburgh,… Read More

Tram Sightseeing

Here’s a great way to explore a foreign city at your own pace, using local services. It’s the Tram Sightseeing app — created for Västtrafik, the public transportation system in Gothenburg, Sweden. Using the mobile app, you can find the nearest tram stop and get a tour that lasts about 45 minutes. The app uses… Read More

Exploring with Maps

It seemed like last week, everywhere I turned, another street-view type of map site popped-up. While they may not have especially groundbreaking interactivity, they give the opportunity to experience places that are otherwise inaccessible to most people. And their gentle pacing supports experiences which are more in-tune to what it’s like to be there, rather… Read More

Dominate Another Day

Nike, as part of their Jumpman campaign has created a series of commercials called Dominate Another Day, or D3. And the really cool new blog, Huds and Guis, has posted some background information as well as all six videos. Head-up displays, augmented reality, and transparent screens; They aren’t the deepest fantasy UIs, but they’re still… Read More

Learning to Program

A couple recent discoveries about teaching programming. First, an [older but still] interesting post on Learning to Think Like A Programmer and why it’s important. Next is Codecademy, a really simple, but engaging site, that introduces basic programming concepts in a step-by-step interactive manner. It’s like having a tutor sit with you as you go… Read More

Qualcomm AR Challenge

Qualcomm recently announced the winners of their Augmented Reality Challenge. The challenge was part of a promotion of their AR SDK for iOS. And the winners are pretty cool: 3rd Place: “Danger Copter” by five grad students at USC. It’s a great idea (and my favorite of the winners) — you walk around a very… Read More

Daito Manabe

I’d never heard of Daito Manabee before reading this great overview of his work by Joshua Noble on a It’s all pretty amazing stuff — but I was especially fascinated by “electric stimulus to body + myoelectric sensor test1.” Using the body as both input and output, it may be a little unnerving, but… Read More


A game that self-destructs — both visually and structurally — as you play it. And once it’s done, the executable file no longer works. GlitchHiker was created for Global Game Jam on the theme “Extinction.” People could play the game at the event, but eventually it self-destructed — never playable again. All that remains is… Read More

Receipt Racer

Take a look at Receipt Racer — a microproject by Joshua Noble and undef. Done in just one day, as part of the CreativeApplications.Net OFFF2011 Workshop, the game is a fascinating mix of interactivity and print. Using a thermal receipt printer, a racing track is printed. The racing car is projected onto the printout with… Read More

Multiscreen Patterns

Designing for multiple screens brings a wide range of design issues. Take a look at this collection of Multiscreen Patterns from the German design Studio Precious. The slideshare presents six different screen ecosystems. Definitely worth a look. Simple and beautiful.