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Nintendo 3DS AR Games

Nintendo’s 3DS Augmented Reality games look pretty cool. You place AR cards down, and the handheld gives you a magic view. Nothing especially new, but it’s beautifully done and looks quite responsive.  The Archery game, shown here, looks great. It makes me want one 😉 (Link via Engadget.)

Corning’s A Day Made of Glass

I’m normally a sucker for future vision videos, but Corning’s A Day Made of Glass, left me cold. It’s pretty, and full of subtle scenario details, but overall the interactions shown are so ordinary that it’s hard to get very excited. Maybe that’s just their point — this technology is becoming a standard part of… Read More

Little Big Details

Little Big Details is a nice new blog, highlighting the design and usability details that can make an interface or interaction. It’s not necessarily patterns that should become standard, but a reminder that details and refinement make a big difference.

Design Notes on Mobile UX Essentials

Interesting presentation (by Rachel Hinman, of Nokia Research Lab) on designing for Mobile — full of good advice and recommendations. It’s also an nice reminder that mobile is still open for invention and to leave behind paradigms from desktop design. Her quote from Marshall McLuhan was on “the rear view mirror effect” — “We see… Read More