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Minimum Products

A little while, when I started working on some new projects, I kept hearing the term MVP – or Minimum Viable Product. It was a term I was familiar with, but never really thought too much about. It made sense… get something built quickly and put it out in the world to test it. It’s… Read More

Helping The Crowd Effect Change

Over the past couple years there’s been a lot of buzz around crowdsourcing. There’s a real believe that it has the potential to transform everything — from how agencies work for clients, to how customers interact with brands. And, as everyone explores how “the crowd” can participate, a wide variety of pretty cool things (can… Read More

MoodLogic Magnet Browser

There’s no reason I can’t talk about my own projects on this blog, right? Just keep in mind that this story starts in 1999, when the web was mostly just html pages, some Director/Shockwave, a little Flash, and mostly dial-up modems. The social web didn’t yet exist. Napster was being sued by everyone. And the… Read More

Remembering Quokka

Back in the late 90’s and early 00’s, Quokka Sports was doing some pretty groundbreaking design. Their sites were unlike anything I’d seen online before. An amazing mix of raw data, bold images, and real-time data that really connected you to the events. Quokka was founded to cover the 1997-1998 Whitbread Round the World yacht… Read More

Muriel Cooper: Information Landscapes

In 1994 Muriel Cooper presented work at the TED5 conference in Monterey, CA that changed the way designers thought of the possibilities of electronic media. The work, from her group at the MIT Media Lab‘s Visible Language Workshop (or VLW), took typography, literally, into three dimensions — and gave it dynamics and interactivity that had… Read More