I’ve worked on the design of a variety of enterprise software systems. And I know the desperate desire from their users for tools that feel less corporate, and more consumer. They want stuff at work that feels like what’ve become accustomed to on their iPhones. They want stuff that’s fun! The problem is that it’s… Read More


Having recently restarted my design practice of Triplecode, I’ve become increasingly busy (and, of course interested in) projects involving data and “big data.” My own work tends to focus on information design and giving tools to make the data useful. But there’s a whole other community which explores artistic expression using the same types of… Read More

Happiness Without Borders

I remember visiting a group at Xerox PARC when I was working on a project with them in the 80’s. They had a closed-curcuit video link between their lounge and the lounge of another lab in Oregon. The idea, at the time pretty new, was that with the live link, it would foster communication between… Read More


I love my new Sonos system. It took me a while to understand what it offered and why I might want it, but now that I’ve got it, I just want more. So – it was pretty cool to discover that Sonos has been (quietly) periodically sponsoring interactive installations that feature their technology… Right now… Read More


More great work from Bradley Munkowitz (aka GMUNK) — this time a reel of GFX work from the film Oblivion. Take a look: The vimeo page as well as a page on his own website gives plenty of details on what’s what. A nice overview describes the “Graphic Language stressed functionality and minimalism while utilizing… Read More


This looks interesting. From Oblong comes Greenhouse, a creative coding toolkit for spatial interfaces. One of Oblong’s founders helped design the gesture interfaces of Minority Report. And much of the firm’s work has been developing tools to make such gesture-based interactions more common place. Their g-speak platform enables multi-user, multi-screen, multi-device, spatial, networked applications. But… Read More

Attention to Detail

In design it’s often the small details that matter the most. And a couple recent finds have been great reminders of that. The first is the site KnobFeel. It’s a collection of “reviews based purely on the feel of the knob.” And it’s genius because, for so much industrial design, it really is the subtle… Read More

TechFest ’13

Microsoft Research recently held TechFest 2013 — an event showcasing research projects from Microsoft Research’s labs around the world. And, although the event’s website requires Silverlight and isn’t the easiest thing in the world to navigate, it’s worth a look — it’s full of all sorts of future-looking research and explorations. (Or – use their… Read More

Enhanced Dining

I just realized that I’ve been collecting food-related links. I think it may have started with Why Menus Suck + Other Deep Thoughts on the Food Tech Revolution. In the post, Dave McClure starts with the premise that “menus suck” and then goes on to offer some opportunities to improve the restaurant experience. The most… Read More

Surface Mistakes

Last weekend, while on vacation, I saw this Surface (or Surface-like) table at the hotel’s concierge desk. The idea of making local information easily accessible to guests is, of course, a great idea. And the dual-interaction possibilities, so that both guest and concierge can work together to explore options, are empowering. But it’s the realities… Read More

Very Recent History: 23-Jan-13

I’ve been collecting these links — hoping to do some posts on them — but, never getting around to it. Because they’re starting to get stale, thought I’d post them simply as recent and interesting  links. The changing face of computers on screen is an interesting post on how computers have been portrayed in films —… Read More

Jongmin Kim

I haven’t done a post on the visual design of an interactive designer for a while — but discovering Jongmin Kim’s work gave me reason to do so. Jongmin is an interactive designer from South Korea currently living and working in New York, and his work is beautiful. FFF (for “Form Follows Function”) is his collection… Read More

The Art of Creative Coding

Here’s a great video surveying the creative coding movement from Off Book — a PBS web series about cutting edge arts. What’s especially nice is that the video’s YouTube page includes links to the people interviewed, as well as a Google doc listing every project shown. The video is broken into three sections: Simplifying code with Processing –… Read More