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Touché is a system developed by Disney Research and Carnegie Mellon University that allows people to interact with everyday objects via gestures. It’s pretty interesting, and invites not only a whole new type of interaction, but the ability to use almost anything as an interface. Ivan Poupyrev, senior research scientist at Disney Research in Pittsburgh, […]

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Daito Manabe

I’d never heard of Daito Manabee before reading this great overview of his work by Joshua Noble on a It’s all pretty amazing stuff — but I was especially fascinated by “electric stimulus to body + myoelectric sensor test1.” Using the body as both input and output, it may be a little unnerving, but […]



It’s kinda crazy – but kinda cool, too. The premise: as technology gets smaller and smaller it gets harder for us to interact with the devices. The solution: use our bodies as input devices! Chris Harrison’s research project, Skinput, to be published at CHI 2010, is fascinating. It’s fun to imagine what this might be […]