Lists: Old Browsers, Videophones, & Haptics

Three interesting lists on the OObject website: Retro Videophones 10 Obsolete Web Browsers 12 Haptic Intertaces With most items on the lists you can click to go to additional background info. Pretty fun to explore…


Serendipity and the Unexpected

It’s a common presumption that media will become increasingly personalized, but a recent article on ReadWriteWeb reminded me about the dangers, or at least dullness, of such a future. The article was commenting on Facebook’s COO Sheryl Sandberg, who said “People don’t want something targeted to the whole world — they want something that reflects […]

Past Special

MoodLogic Magnet Browser

There’s no reason I can’t talk about my own projects on this blog, right? Just keep in mind that this story starts in 1999, when the web was mostly just html pages, some Director/Shockwave, a little Flash, and mostly dial-up modems. The social web didn’t yet exist. Napster was being sued by everyone. And the […]