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This may be small but it’s pretty cool, too. After some heaver, more function-oriented, posts about things like designing interactivity for people who are illiterate in developing countries and after reading this recent report on how mobile phones are used in Africa, why not post about something that allows people to be creative, too? So,… Read More

Designing for Illiteracy

The use of technology, especially mobile phones, in poor and developing countries presents huge opportunities for designers. Mobile banking and microfinancing, as just two examples, can help the poor and unbanked with financial services and business support. But it was only after seeing the work by Indrani Medhi that it I grasped one of the… Read More

iPhones and Mobile Charity

I’ve been thinking a lot about giving, charity and philanthropy lately. Maybe it was realizing that the time I was spending playing We Rule wasn’t really helping anyone. I know there are plenty of great websites for all sorts of great causes – but was there a way that I could help others when I… Read More