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Sleep No More

This past weekend I went to see Sleep No More. The show, which takes place in New York’s “McKittrick Hotel” is an immersive theater experience. The audience, wearing masks, explores a hundred rooms spread over seven floors — you open drawers, examine props, follow actors around, and generally try to figure out what’s going on…. Read More

Reducing Pain with SnowWorld

One of my favorite pieces at the Cooper Hewitt 2006 National Design Triennial was ”SnowWorld.” It was beautiful, absorbing, and other-worldly. The basic concept and execution are pretty simple… Wearing VR goggles, you fly through a snowy landscape and throw snowballs at woolly mammoths and penguins, while listening to Paul Simon’s “Graceland.” But the purpose… Read More


A game that self-destructs — both visually and structurally — as you play it. And once it’s done, the executable file no longer works. GlitchHiker was created for Global Game Jam on the theme “Extinction.” People could play the game at the event, but eventually it self-destructed — never playable again. All that remains is… Read More

Animal Interactions

Warning: This post may destroy any credibility I may have. But it’s not all bad — I get to post a picture of my dog! What does it mean for animals to interact with digital media? Do our pets care about our phones or computers? Our dog Suki (@suki_the_dog) seems completely oblivious to screen-based media…. Read More

Codebending with Illucia

Ok – so at first “codebending” is going to seem like a pretty weird idea and little more than a fun geeky art hack. But it’s way smarter than “just” that. Illucia is a codebending instrument from Paper Kettle that allows the user (performer?) to connect different software programs together and control their interactions. It’s… Read More

Nintendo 3DS AR Games

Nintendo’s 3DS Augmented Reality games look pretty cool. You place AR cards down, and the handheld gives you a magic view. Nothing especially new, but it’s beautifully done and looks quite responsive.  The Archery game, shown here, looks great. It makes me want one 😉 (Link via Engadget.)

Tate Trumps

As museums struggle to find new ways to attract visitors and engage them, London’s Tate Modern has a pretty cool idea… use game-play to make museum-going more fun. How? With their iPhone app Tate Trumps. With the app, visitors: roam the gallery looking for artworks you think will score highly in one of three modes…. Read More


I’m going reveal my geeky roots… When I was a kid, my friends and I would play Star Trek. Homemade wooden phasers, climbing trees for pretend planets, and creating stories as we went. Not a lot of technology involved — it was just us, goofing around, having fun. I’m not sure I could convince my… Read More


Check out Chromaroma – a just-launched, cool-looking, London-based, travel game created by Mudlark. Its creator Toby Barnes, in this Guardian article, describes it as “the world’s first 3D space Flash live data mashup thing.” The game takes London travel and enables users to experience it in a wide variety of ways, ranging from ambient play… Read More

Engagement via Gaming

The power of gaming to engage is something I keep running into lately. Specifically: the idea that gaming is an effective way to get people to understand issues, or to motivate them towards specific behaviors. The examples here may be lacking in their visual and interaction design sophistication, but they show the value of, and… Read More

Rosemarie Fiore

Take a look at these photographs by Rosemarie Fiore. Each one takes a video game and captures one gameplay as a single exposure. It’s a fascinating way of looking at the overall mood of an interactive experience. Plus, they’re beautiful! The photos are all from 80’s games — played on Atari, Centuri, and Taito platforms. It’s interesting… Read More

3D Everywhere!

Yesterday I received a Barneys Co-op catalog in the mail — in which all of the photos were shot in 3D. Because they used the red-blue anaglyph method, they also included a pair of glasses. It may be an old-fashioned technology for 3D, but it’s still pretty fun. (You can also see the 3D catalog on… Read More