Reality is Plenty, Thanks

At the recent MobileMonday 21 conference, Kevin Slavin (co-founder of Area/Code) gave a fascinating talk on the field of augmented reality: “Reality is plenty, thanks.” And in her blog, Helen Walters gives a great summary: Slavin makes the case that much of the current work in AR is wandering down the wrong street (albeit one […]


Lists: Old Browsers, Videophones, & Haptics

Three interesting lists on the OObject website: Retro Videophones 10 Obsolete Web Browsers 12 Haptic Intertaces With most items on the lists you can click to go to additional background info. Pretty fun to explore…

Future Present

New Haptic Possibilities

The first time I experienced a haptic interface was back in 1990, when I got a demo of Margaret Minsky’s Sandpaper system at MIT. Using a force-feedback joystick, users could move the screen’s cursor across a textured area and the joystick would simulate the feeling of resistance and surface. It was pretty cool to see […]