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Seamless Interaction

A couple weeks ago I was at dinner with some friends. At some point, talking about recent trips, people wanted to see pictures. As iPhones ware passed around (always a little worried that swiping to the next photo might reveal something not intended to be shared), we realized that we could exchange photos with Apple’s… Read More

Tram Sightseeing

Here’s a great way to explore a foreign city at your own pace, using local services. It’s the Tram Sightseeing app — created for Västtrafik, the public transportation system in Gothenburg, Sweden. Using the mobile app, you can find the nearest tram stop and get a tour that lasts about 45 minutes. The app uses… Read More

Design Notes on Mobile UX Essentials

Interesting presentation (by Rachel Hinman, of Nokia Research Lab) on designing for Mobile — full of good advice and recommendations. It’s also an nice reminder that mobile is still open for invention and to leave behind paradigms from desktop design. Her quote from Marshall McLuhan was on “the rear view mirror effect” — “We see… Read More