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Seamless Interaction

A couple weeks ago I was at dinner with some friends. At some point, talking about recent trips, people wanted to see pictures. As iPhones ware passed around (always a little worried that swiping to the next photo might reveal something not intended to be shared), we realized that we could exchange photos with Apple’s… Read More

Receipt Racer

Take a look at Receipt Racer — a microproject by Joshua Noble and undef. Done in just one day, as part of the CreativeApplications.Net OFFF2011 Workshop, the game is a fascinating mix of interactivity and print. Using a thermal receipt printer, a racing track is printed. The racing car is projected onto the printout with… Read More

Handheld Projectors

There’s something a little amazing that happens every time you set up a video projector. All the cables get connected, you turn the projector on, and during the process of placing it, the image may show up on an unexpected surface. It’s cool, so you move the projector around to see what it looks like… Read More

Saturn Green Line at NextFest

Way back in 2006, at the Wired NextFest, Saturn sponsored a “green” exhibit, highlighting their hybrid technology. It was a 4,000 square-foot installation featuring a life-sized, interactive holographic people, CAD projections onto vehicles, and a interactive/reactive wall with user-generated content. I first learned of the project when I was judging the Communication Arts 2007 Interactive… Read More

Cooking Dinner and Project Oasis

This is interesting… Intel Labs’ Oasis Project uses your kitchen countertop to recognize the foods that you place on it, and projects a variety of interactive content. It’s still early research, and so the sorts of interactions possible, as well as the content that’s projected, are pretty basic. But the video suggests a variety of ways people… Read More

Life Moves Fast

Take a look at this series of commercials from Palm, part of their “Life moves fast. Don’t miss a thing” campaign. They show a kind-of augmented reality, holographic-style mobile UI. Unlike the Chase Blueprint ads, which showed some pretty innovative ideas for holographic interfaces, these essentially project what’s happening on the screen. The point isn’t… Read More


It looks like we’re one step closer to the Luminous Room. Take a look at this demo of LiminAR. It’s a project by Natan Linder, a student of Pattie Maes in her Fluid Interfaces Group at the MIT Media Lab. LiminAR is made up of two components, the Bulb and the Lamp: The LuminAR Bulb… Read More

Glowing Pathfinder Bugs

I just discovered Glowing Pathfinder Bugs and think it’s super-charming. Created by Squidsoup, and originally shown in 2008, the piece was commissioned by Folly Gallery for Portable Pixel Playground. Glowing Pathfinder Bugs, an interactive art project primarily aimed at children, uses projection to visualize virtual bugs on a real sandpit. The bugs are aware of… Read More