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Ender’s Game

Despite the controversy surrounding Ender’s Game, I wanted to share a handful of images of UI from the film. Among the team involved in the work was Ash Thorp, who I’ve interviewed here before about his other work. It’s beautiful, complex, rich-looking infographics and interface stuff. There’s more on Ash’s site, too.



More great work from Bradley Munkowitz (aka GMUNK) — this time a reel of GFX work from the film Oblivion. Take a look: The vimeo page as well as a page on his own website gives plenty of details on what’s what. A nice overview describes the “Graphic Language stressed functionality and minimalism while utilizing… Read More

Sprint - process

Process Videos

GMUNK, who I previously interviewed for his work on “Tron,” recently put up a Pintrest page full of eye-candy fantasy UI and GFX process videos. They’re all worth a look, but here are a couple cool highlights… The “Tron” video shows some of the graphics from the Solar Sailor sequence. Very beautiful. It’s interesting to see… Read More


Two Short Films

A couple short films with some eye-catching interfaces… The first film is Lost Memories, by Francois Ferracci, and it has some nice holographic-like projections. For more on the film’s production there is an interview with the director on One Small Window. The second film is Plurality, by Dennis Liu. It’s a bigger film, with a lot… Read More


Make It So

For years I’ve though about writing a book on interface design in science fiction movies. The idea always started as a big coffee table book full of great examples, but then the details started to get tricky: “how would the book be organized?”; “how would all the interconnected themes weave together in the examples?”; and… Read More


Final Fantasy UIs

The blog Huds and Guis has put together three great video montages of UI design from the 2001 film Final Fantasy. The film may not be all that great, but these UI sequences are a lot of fun to watch. Definitely UI candy! It’s an interesting collection of holographic displays, globes and spheres, small detailed… Read More


Who do you think you really are?

London’s Natural History Museum recently opened the interactive film “Who do you think you really are?” It’s the inaugural experience in their David Attenborough Studio lecture theater — a 64-seat theater where each seat has its own tablet computer. The 50-minute film teaches visitors about evolution using a mix of techniques. It looks like an… Read More