Smarter Healthcare

This new ad from IBM, promoting their Smarter Healthcare initiative is more idea communication than interface. But, it’s nicely suggestive of the complexity of information that doctors and patients need to deal with. And it’s a teaser for the potential of IBM’s Watson in the health care space. As a side note, sorry for the […]

Future Quick

Dominate Another Day

Nike, as part of their Jumpman campaign has created a series of commercials called Dominate Another Day, or D3. And the really cool new blog, Huds and Guis, has posted some background information as well as all six videos. Head-up displays, augmented reality, and transparent screens; They aren’t the deepest fantasy UIs, but they’re still […]


US Air Force – Space Command

What’s striking, at first glance, about this US Air Force TV commercial is how much it feels influenced by the UI design in Avatar. Or perhaps, alternatively, it’s because Avatar was influenced by military interfaces. In either case, it’s an interesting view of the Air Force’s UI capabilities. The commercial shows “Space Command” as both […]