One of my very favorite early interactive projects was Lovedisk. I first saw it on a CD-ROM of winners from (I think) the 1997 Communication Arts Interactive Design Annual. Every semester, for a couple years after that, I’d show it to my students who would shrug. I think they thought it wasn’t up to Art Center design standards. They wanted to work on projects that were more serious and portfolio-worthy. I think they were wrong.

Lovedisk was charming. Lovedisk was funny. Lovedisk was full of unexpected surprises. And – Lovedisk was a very individual creation.

From what I’ve been able to re-learn… Lovedisk began as a thesis project at the Rhode Island School of Design. Although initially intended as a means to learn multimedia authoring and study interface design, Lovedisk evolved into a “comical exploration of the concepts of love and glamour.” If you’ve still got a working Shockwave plugin, you can see and hear the classic glamour/glamoure.

I’m still kicking myself for tossing the CD-ROM that had this project on it. I’ve scoured the web and found just a handful of screenshots from the project and the still running (but seemingly abandoned) website. Enjoy…

Project credits:
Karl Ackermann/Paul Kim, graphic designers/programmers/sound designers/clients
Karl Ackermann/Paul Kim/Aaron Meshon, digital video producers
Attvengher/Delta Music GmbH/Paul Kim, music composers

Undress for surprises!

Backrub. Just don't go too far.