Movie: Tron

After seeing this fantastic fan-created re-imagined trailer for Tron (source: Gizmodo), along with being excited about the upcoming Tron Legacy, I thought it could be interesting to take a look at the interfaces in Tron (1982) — a film I have a crazy nostalgic love for.

The world envisioned in Tron is distinctive and stylized — unlike anything seen before. And although they don’t exhibit much complexity, or push any boundaries of interaction design, the interfaces have a look that fits into this world.

It’s interesting to note that none of the interfaces had any text. And, except for one scene aboard the Solar Sailer Simulator, interface is never important in developing the story. Perhaps, inside a digital world,  there isn’t really any need for interfaces or interaction.

It’s a beautiful film, even if it doesn’t hold up particularly well today. So here are a handful of interfaces in the film…

Tron. Real world: glass keyboard in a desk
Tron. Activating the Light Cycles
Tron. Hanger bay (is that a mouse on the blue cable?)
Tron. Aboard the Solar Sailer Simulator
Tron. Solar Sailer Simulator navigation controls
Tron. Sark's ship

All images Copyright (c) 1982 by Walt Disney Pictures.