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Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

Immediately after I saw the above video (via Daring Fireball) of Alice for the iPad, I downloaded the app. It looked like a great interactive interpretation of the book. Unfortunately, once I tried it for myself, I was less impressed. While it’s fun, the interactivity is fairly limited — not very different from page to page — and not integrated into the story itself. Instead, it feels like interactive illustrations accompanying the text, rather than having the story/text itself be interactive.

While I think the theme of how to repurpose content for interactive media is something that will come up again and again — in this case, I started thinking of other interactive treatments of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. I guess I’m not the only one… this thread on the NeoGAF forum lists lots of examples. Some, such as Alice: An Interactive Museum (the 1991 CD-ROM) and Through The Looking Glass (the 1984 Macintosh game) were familiar, others were new to me.

Below are some of my favorites. Take a look — it’s fascinating to see how the underlying story has been re-interpreted… as a board game, a museum exploration, adventure, and shooter games.

Through The Looking Glass
1984 Macintosh chess-like/action game. (Story about its development.)

Alice: An Interactive Museum
1991 CD-ROM by Haruhiko Shono (More info.)

Alice No Paint Adventure
2008 Japanese-only SNES game.

Zombie Panic in Wonderland
2009 game for Wii and DS from Akaoni Studio.

American McGee’s Alice
2000 PC game from Electronic Arts (info)

Alice in Wonderland
2009 game for Wii, Nintendo DS and PC from Disney Interactive Studios. Based on the 2010 Tim Burton film.
(Below are two videos for this, the first shows both Wii and DS versions, the second shows the PC version.)