Seven on Seven

Identity Swap. Andrew Kortina & Kristin Lucas.

Last week Rhizome hosted Seven on Seven at the New Museum in New York. The event paired seven artists with seven technologists in teams of two, and challenged them to create something new — whether it be an application, artwork, social media, or whatever.

Rhizome hasn’t yet posted videos or too much detail on the individual projects created, they have posted photos from the event. And the NY Times has a review and some descriptions of the projects created. They sound like a lot of fun. For example…

“Identity Swap” asks the question: “what if Twitter users had the ability to let others act as them for one day?” It was a collaboration between technologist Andrew Kortina and philosopher-artist Kristin Lucas.

Matt Mullenweg and Evan Roth (who I recently posted about) created “Surprise Me. (Funmode)” for WordPress. It’s an interesting set of additions that give positive reinforcement to the often solitary act of publishing — things like humanizing the statistics presented, making the publish button reflect its importance, and giving the user a surprise reward once a post is published.

In all, it sounded like a fascinating event. While the projects don’t push boundaries too far, keep in mind that they only had a day to work. And it’s great to see support for collaborations between artists and technologists. You never know what ideas may become the next mainstream.

Update: Rhizome posted a description of idea proposed by Ryan Trecartin and David Karp: “Project Ten.” You can see a beta version of the project here.

Surprise Me. (Funmode), Humanized Statistics. Matt Mullenweg & Evan Roth.