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Street Slide

Street Slide - big hill

This is interesting… Microsoft is working on another cool way of looking at map and street imagery. Unlike traditional street view interfaces where you look at the street through panoramic bubbles (which can be a little disorienting), Street Slide arranges everything as a flat, continuous, photo.

When I first saw it, I thought of some Ed Ruscha’s Every Building on The Sunset Strip (1966).

Every Building on The Sunset Strip (1966)

Street Slide gives you a great slide-scroller view of streets. Plus… When a street is on a hill, the view adjust to show the slope. You can zoom in and out, to toggle between bubble views. There’s even a cool parallax effect as you scroll past perpendicular streets.

Right now it’s just a technology demo — the work is being presented at SIGGRAPH 2010 this week. But I’m sure it’ll eventually be incorporated into existing map systems.

Link via: Engadget. More info on Technology Review. Ed Ruscha image source.

Street Slide - component slices